Self sufficiency doesn't have to mean you need to own a smallholding. It can start with as little effort as growing herbs or salad veg in a window box or patio pots and lead to as much or as little as you want in the way of growing your own food. It can in incorporte animals in the process, by way of a trio of chickens up to growing your own turkey or goose for christmas, and if you have time or space you can expand into growing your own fruit or having a small flock of sheep too.


Foraging for food in safe hedgerows can also provide you with free puddings, jams and preserves for using over a matter of months. Self sufficiency isn't either just about what you have room for in the land outside your home. There is much to be learnt from what you can achieve from within the home too. Cooking your own meals in large batches and freezing, making soups from vegetables that would otherwise go to waste and freezing for another day. Storing eggs when you have a glut, or turning them into cakes and deserts when they are fresh and putting them into the freezer ready for Christmas or sunday desserts. It is rewarding, much cheaper, and just as good, to make your own household products and even hair and body products too.
If you prefer, you can save on somethings and still splash out on others. The idea of becoming more self sufficient entirely what you want it to be based on how much time you have to throw at it, how much money you want to save and how much pleasure you will get out of mend and make do attitude as well as the fruits of your labours being rewarding from the fact you produced it and more importantly you made it happen.



Self Sufficiency e-book

We are almost at the end of writting our e-book about self sufficiency. It is based on our experience over the last 10+ years. It offers advice on all the things we have found worthwhile, the order to do things and how to start small and develop and grow along the way. Challenges we have had, the enjoyment when plans come together, what is worth putting effort into whilst also highlighting elements of things we tried and found unsuccessful or too time consuming.


Hopefully it will give you a headstart when you embark on your road to self sufficiency.


It will be available in downloadable pdf format for just £4.99

If you would like to register your interest please email me and I will let you know as soon as it is available.



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