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We have only just started this blog, so please check back weekly for our latest news...


Lambing has finished... We weren't supposed to be lambing this year, we only usually lamb alternate years as Ronnies grow quite slowly. By lambing every other year it allows each crop to reach maturity before the next come along. However, the rams decided to break down the fence in December which meant the ewes were in for a bit of a surprise. Luckily they only managed to reach 5 ewes and we have just finished lambing mid May. We have two dark brown lambs, three black with white speckles and one tan coloured. They will look fantastic when they have finished their stint in the nursery and are able to venture out into the paddock in a week or so. I can't wait to add pictures as soon as they get outside.


EGGS - MAY 2017

The warm weather is upon us and the chickens have, once again decided that they don't just want to lay eggs in the nest boxes within their hen house. Apparently the hay shed is a great place too! This means we have to go on an egg hunt each day to search for them.

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