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We are a smallholding in North Buckinghamshire.

Welcome to our website where you can find general information about living on a smallholding. 

Over the last 10+ years we have developed our vegetable garden, planted an orchard and kept lots of different livestock. We have sheep to graze our paddocks, chickens and ducks to lay us eggs, a couple of geese as 'guard geese' and a few quail to lay us eggs, which are always welcome for those special occasions!


We grow our vegetables organically, making our own composts, liquid vegetable feed and try to follow organic methods. We are also very selective about the seeds we buy and also harvest our own seed where we can for use the following seasons. We grow flowers to decorate our house and give as gifts to friends, and generally be as self sufficient as we can.


We periodically run courses on; poultry keeping, vegetable growing, how to run a smallholding

and be self sufficient.


We occasionally have ewes, rams and lambs for sale that are too closely related to remain in our flock.

We also sell fleeces, spun wool and raw wool for bird nesting boxes.

Please visit the bottom of our sheep page for further information regarding these items.


Would you like to learn more about poutry keeping?

Then why not purchase our e-book which is an informative guide to everything there is to know about these feathered friends. See our poultry pages for further details.


Would you like to get in touch?

Email us at

We aim to answer your email within 24hrs.

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